Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Android App : Digital Clock : Big display digital alarm clock

Digital Clock from Social & Mobile. Big dispaly clock and dim screen turn your phone into a bedside clock. You can change color, brightness and font of screen with an easy UI and set music as an alarm to wake you up feeling good. Change your alarm clock to this one.

'Digital Clock' is introduced as one of the top free application of lifestyle category on the android market web site.


  1. First of all: Congratulation it really a great app, I had it I loved it! But after a FW-Update I wanted it to re-download but now I can't find it in the market!?!

    Please put it back into the market, i won't wake up without this fine alarm :)


  2. Like the app, but it is driving me crazy because I don't know how to shut off the alarm to prevent it going of every day. Please document that somewhere, and make it more intuitive.

  3. It would be nice if it supported more date formats. In particular I would like to see this format: Mon 31-Dec-2009

  4. This no longer shows up under the android market =(

  5. Great app - thanks. I sure could use an added feature - a countdown timer. I'd like to set it to say 30 minutes and have it count down then alarm. This way I could use it for timed tests and exercises.

  6. Have you removed this app from the market? I was using it and the Digital Clock widget for months but since applying the forced updated Rogers imposed on us Canadian HTC Dream/Magic users I can no longer find it in the Market. I can download the widget but not the app. Is there anyway I can get it back? I really miss it and it was a great app for my very poor eyesight. email me if you need.

    Thank you :)

  7. same for me i love that clock i want to reinstall it but its not on the market

  8. Fantastic app.
    BUT the settings I make are not persistent. Please save settings to flash so that when it restarts it remembers previous settings, and we don't have to setup all over again, thanks!

  9. I love it but why is the date format day, date, day?e.g. FRI, MAR 12, FRI I'm using a Droid Eris

  10. Come posso fare ad avere le istruzioni per l'utilizzo del orologio digitale?

  11. It's not working properly on the CLIQ XT. Who do I contact for resolution?? Thanks!

  12. LOVE your Digital Clock app however the buttons on the Incredible stay lit at night, too much light.

  13. Mark said...
    I love it but why is the date format day, date, day?e.g. FRI, MAR 12, FRI I'm using a Droid Eris

    Update: fixed itself when I updated to 2.1

  14. Kewl stuff. I agree with Lady-Di, need to turn off the Home/Menu/Back/Search buttons on the HTC Version. It is a separate lamp in the phone, and may require a special hook in the API.

    I would also like to dim the backlight for the main screen a bit further, but that may be a hardware limitation.

  15. When Digital Clock is in 24-hour display mode, it would be preferable to see what is standard for 24-hour mode. For example:

    Display 1:05 AM as "01:05"
    Display midnight as "00:00"

    In other words, 24-hour display mode always includes leading "0"s.



  16. It's a great app and I love use it. For me, the main advantage is simplicity of use (very handy widget).
    He lacks the ability to record several hours of alarm (2 at least but 3 or 4 alarm times would be better).
    If you want to improve the app being able to program different times of alarm in several days of the week better (of course at the expense of some additional complexity)


  17. How do I find this exact app in the market? Having a bit of trouble...

  18. Dear fellow developer,
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  19. Great app.

    I've do have 2 suggestions for enhancements:
    1) Make it possible to define alarm on certain weekdays (workdays/weekends)

    2) Make it possible to be silent (no calls, alarms etc.) if screen always on. (would be nice with a big clock when in meetings, but in this case no calls, alarms is wanted)

  20. I like this app because of the color setting: Purple. However, for some reason I cannot turn this alarm off. Or am I not seeing a disable option. It keeps alarming and now I have to mute the sound. I do not want to uninstall the app. Is there a shut off option I am just not seeing in Alarm or Settings? Or maybe I have to shut it off elsewhere I just thought.
    Any suggestions would be nice.

    1. I think the alarm is linked to the main alarm on the Android phone. I just disabled the main alarm clock and I think it works. I had thought initially Digital Clock alarm was separate from the main one. If this is the solution, there is no need for a response. Thank you.

  21. Good work, I an searching for this type of app from last few days and finally I found it. Thanks alot.
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  22. Hello. Will there be a version for the Samsung Galaxy S5? I had it on the S3 and i miss it on the S5. :-(