Friday, June 19, 2009

Android App : Color Flashlight : Flashlight in the dark

Turn android phone into a flashlight. It help find yo
ur way in a dark room or the movie theater is that
you keep stepping on. Dance with strobe light.

This is a top 10 app in tools category of the Android Market.

-Maximize brightness and keep screen on.
-Change color and brightness easily.
-Effects : Strobe, Text, Blink, Police, Emergency
-Control strobe speed by a progress bar

-Touch screen to see menu


Quick change of color.

Send out help message when you meet an accident at night.

Emergency Effect change your car into embluance.

Spiral Effect


  1. It would be cool if the candle flame would be interactive.

  2. PLEASE fix this cool app to work on Samsung Galaxy!! It keeps force closing on selecting effects! (1.5 , II7 firmware)

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  4. +1 to Harmany. It force closing on select any effects at Samsung I5700 (Galaxy Spica).

  5. I just got the latest update and I was really, really hoping that you had fixed the one glaring bug in this otherwise really cool app. As I mentioned in my Android review six weeks ago, the app does not persist the settings. This is extremely irritating in certain situations. For example, if you choose the candle or the spiral and then go to look at your mail, when you come back it is right back at the white flashlight every time. Same thing if I am using it to flag down a cab and I have TAXI flashing ever couple seconds. If I need to do something else with the phone, even answer a call, the flashing TAXI is gone. You can persist these setting in SharedPreferences quite easily and I wish you would! Otherwise, this is a very cool app!

  6. I have this app for Moterola Droid and its great, the best flashlight app out there! Actually I just did a blog about it, feel free to check it out on my social media blog

  7. Hi,
    Could this app integrates a LED flashlight functionality in a future upgrade ? Such a feature would make this app rules all the light apps, we just would have everything in one app !

  8. Latest update requires more permissions. Why?

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  10. How do i download this app to my HTC Wildfire?
    Really want this $0 app...

  11. Motorola Droid 2

    I love this app. I use it every day. I just plug in my phone at bed time, turn the app on and lock my phone. That way if the babies wake up I unlock my phone, leave it on the night stand and I have enough light to take care of the kids without waking everyone with the wall lamp. I just wish the app had a Morse code function for emergencys. I had to get a different app for that and it only uses the LED light. I would love if you did Morse code on the screen.

  12. I cannot find Color Flashlight in Android Market now. Is it stopped supporting QVGA resolution devices? (My phone is HUAWEI Ideos U8150, android 2.2)

  13. Hi,
    would you be interested in a translation of your app Color Flashlight to Slovak language?

    Here is "values-sk":

    Nice day,

  14. This app was awesome, until it updated and inserted ads and wanted permission to access my contacts !!!

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  16. Hi, I have a problem with Color Flashlight HD, can you FIX it?

    I have HTC Desire S with HTC Sense 2.1.
    Everything works fine, only one thin not :(
    I can't change the brightness level in this app.

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  18. This app worked fine on my Droid 2, but I can't seem to get it to light up with my Droid 4. Did I miss something in the install or setup?

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  20. Any plans for an iPhone version of Color Flashlight?