Monday, August 5, 2013

Catch notes to ColorNote notepad migration tool

Import text notes data to ColorNote notepad.

This tool helps switching from Catch notes to ColorNote notepad.


  1. To replace Catch, I would also need Web-Access to my notes. I haven't seen such a thing for ColorNotes - or am I missing something?
    2nd question: Where is the data stored? Please don't say "in the cloud"... which country are the servers in?

  2. Its helps us to replace catch but how it works?

  3. I really wish Color Note had a web interface I could access from my desktop, for the ability to manage notes,
    and manipulate with greater ease than from the phone..
    Since I use the online sync feature, the data already exists in the cloud and should be easily accessible.
    I realize this is no small undertaking, and maybe that functionality is already patented by some other provider of some other app, but if not, this feature alone would increase the utility of note taking, storage and ultimate usage by a factor of 10.
    TechnoViel, they backup your data through your google account, so i believe it is a small DB that google hosts.. so the servers are likely in the US but if you are outside the US google may have datacenters closer to you that would be more logical to use.. then again, they may be (probably are) mirroring data to multiple locations.. so anybody's guess

  4. export _all_ notes at least to simple text file is really appreciated!
    it is easy to implement, why it is missing?
    also color in hex would be also fine.

  5. I found myself wishing Color Note had a web interface as typing is easier on a pc than a phone or tablet. As well as the online sync feature, which is currently only being used as a way to sync between one device to another when that could easily be applied for a web interface as the data is already online (or at least in the cloud). With that in mind, why not make a web interface and make a better experience for users?

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