Tuesday, January 15, 2013

ColorNote 3.9.13 : Auto link in checklist

<ColorNote updated to 3.9.13>
- Supports auto link in checklist
- Auto link phone number setting changed
: Settings -> Auto Link -> Auto link phone number
- Supports Web Search 
: long press a list item in checklist or select words in text (android 4.0)


  1. Any update on the pc client? I'm trying to organize again and remembered your app on my Kindle Fire. I saw it has online sync but misunderstood that to be mean pc client. it synced great with my phone so that's going great. however, i still consider my laptop as my master device, and of course the size and typing here are more convenient. and it's at least another device, so having a separate note pad on it defeats the wonderful syncing going on with my other 2 devices! please at least post your plans for a pc client so i can plan app usage going forward.

  2. Feature request: please! add a start-up password option.

  3. This app would be SOOOOOOOO perfect if I could sync it with my pc. :(

  4. I have problems with syncing my google account. When you allow access, nothing happens, it stays hung.

  5. "I have problems with syncing my google account. When you allow access, nothing happens, it stays hung." Same here also

  6. Some problem with google account sync... white page

  7. I am having the same issue as the last three posts Fabio, Kurt, and Jose. 4-6 weeks ago when I set it up on my tablet and HTC phone it worked great. Had to reset my phone per the manufacturer. Tablet still synced fine. once re-installed phone gets white screen. Signed out on tablet and went to sign back in as a troubleshoot and now the tablet won't log back in either!!

  8. I'm also a tablet (nexus 7) where the sync work fine, the problem is only in the phone (Galaxy S2)

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  10. The App is almost perfect: the one thing that I miss is the multiple alarm for one note. For example, if I need to get remembered a Note every 2 hours, I need to create multiple notes, and set individual alarm times on each one. If this reminder changes, I need to edit them again, save and go on.

    A really interesting feature: set multiple reminders for one note and for me this app will be perfect.

  11. What's up with signing up with google? I am too having issues with syncing, it doesn't proceed anymore!

    1. Have u found any solutions to the sync problem

  12. Lost all my data the app won't sign in to google

  13. This would be great if it were possible to link/sync the calendar in the app to the Google calendar. Also uploading notes etc to Google docs would be great. Both of these would make life so much easier for me since I travel about 6 months out of the year.

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  16. Do you make any similiar product for iPad

  17. it is one of the best, fast and comfortable apps for notes, thank you very much.

    But it will be unique if you add the posibility of edit or add notes via pc or web app too.

  18. Great article! I work with college students and will pass this on! Thanks so much :)

  19. Help my colornote has stopped working. I can not access my information

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  24. Can I get this app on a htc 8x windows phone?

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