Monday, May 9, 2011

Android Note App ColorNote updated to 3.0

Added features
- Double Tap to enter edit mode
- Double Tap for quick word selection on text editor
- Ccalendar : Swipe on main screen
- Dashboard : Archive, Recycle bin
- Wiki style auto link : [[Title]]
- Improved interface
- Many UI Changes & minor updates

Version 3 update is now available on Android Market and will be updated soon on amazon appstore.

-Android Market : Download
-Amazon Appstore : Download


  1. I just updated to the new colornote 3.0 and all my notes vanished. I show them as being backed up but I cannot restore them because it wants a master password. I never set a password of any kind in colornotes. What can I do to get my notes back?

  2. Thankyou for the update, I can now see what I type in my checklist again. Thanks x

  3. This is an extremely useful app! Is there a way to donate?

    I've also got some suggestions for improvements:
    - Possibility to link to other notes also within task lists
    - Press & hold on a task list item to edit this entry (even when not in edit mode)
    - Possibility to move entries between task lists

    I think I also found one bug: When I confirm the deletion of a reminder after all tasks of a note have been checked, the entries checked last are unchecked again.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Can't seem to find how to perform a restore after I had to have my Evo reset.

  5. Does ColorDict support RTL (rigt-to-left) text?
    It's needed to work with some dictionaries, such as hebrew.

  6. Please add this feature:

    On a note with a check list, allow for mass delete of all checked/crossed off items.

    I make grocery lists and when I check them off I want to delete the checked items.

    Thanks, great app!

  7. Have note after restore, but can not access, system keeps force close. Help

  8. Please add this feature:

    As each color denotes a different list, allow Workspace Button to be customize to select different color filter helps to improve productivity.


  9. Hi,
    I recently changed android phones and also the sdcard that comes with the phone. I backed up ColorNote on my old phone and copied to the new phone in /sdcard/data/colornote/backup/ and I selected the ColorNote I wanted to import and ColorNote showed a circular progress bar as if it was restoring my notes and it completed and said "Done" but it did not import any notes. ColorNote did not have any notes. Can you please help me restore my notes? Thanks.

  10. Hi,
    A follow up to my previous comment. Can you please release an update that can decrypt the contents of .dat file so I can get to my notes or a way to recover my notes. As I mentioned when I imported the back up ColorNote said it was done but there were no notes, it was blank. Thanks.

    1. Do they ever reply? I have a similar problem and been beating my head against the wall trying to get it rectified.

  11. I didn't know about the backup when switching phones, but I did copy the old phone files to my computer, and I'm trying to figure out how to retrieve my old ColorNote notes and put them on my new phone. Please help..

  12. When i backup the notes and restore them, some notes are missing and those missing note are Chinese, all English are preserved.

  13. Hi,
    I've migrate from "HTC Desire Z" to "Samsung Galaxy S"
    I backed up ColorNote on my old phone and copied to the new phone in /data/colornote/backup/ and I selected the ColorNote backup I wanted to import and ColorNote showed a circular progress bar as if it was restoring my notes and it completed and said "Done" but it did not import any notes. ColorNote did not have any notes. Can you please help me restore my notes? Thanks.

  14. In the last update 3.1.4 the follow error has crept back. The input filed is no longer visible on smartphones with low resolution if the keyboard slides on the screen. :(

  15. Hi,

    I don't know if this is the right place for help, but I would like to change the default font to a monospace font. Can you please add this option in a future release?

    Thank you!

  16. Hi,

    I retest Colornote v3.1.4, the lost Chinese note problem still there. Chinese notes will lost during backup and restore.

  17. Used ColorNotes for my notes to give a sermon on Sunday using a Droid tablet. Any chance you'd consider adding an option to lock screen orientation for the app as per: #5 at

    The stupid tablet kept auto-rotating on me while I was trying to read my notes.

  18. I like ColorNote but I need to migrate all my notes from another application to ColorNote. Can you add an import or export feature?

  19. Hello
    I translated your great app Color Note to polish. Could I send you my translated values?

  20. Hi!
    It's great app and everything is perfect but one thing: I miss a folder structure a lot. Can you add, please, an ability to make embedded folders in workspace for better notes organisation???
    I also can help you with translation into russian if you wish so.


  21. Hi, first of all Thank you really a lot for ColorNote Android free App. It´s amazing note!

    Q: I have a HTC Wildfire with low screen resolution (240x320) and in some updates I do have a problem to see a text in edit mode of a check-list. In some updates is visible a keyboard + text (icons "OK/delete/cancel" are hidden under a keyboard), in others is visible only keyboard + icons "OK/delete/cancel" (text is squeezed and invisible). So I would prefere to see a text mostly. How can I resolve this problem? Is possible to install older version, where this works well? Or should I wait for next update (if that one will be programmed with taking this into consideration)?

    Thanks a lot, Marek

  22. Hi,

    I had posted here earlier regarding the upload of your crazy app Color Note on our store Mobango. Request you to check the below mail and let me know whether you would be interested in uploading Color Note.

    We only look at the best and that is why I'm writing to you. This is not a spam!!

    Thanks and have a nice day.


  23. Hi,

    I been using the ColorNote for awhile now. I now own 2 android devices, would love to have able to sync my list between them. Maybe using google account to sync or something, it will be my feature request.


  24. How do you get answers to questions on this app? I have the same problem as many- phone crashed, got new phone, see backup on SD card, but can't seem to get it to download/import, etc. into the phone with the new app. LOTS of needed info- hope I can restore it somehow!

  25. I am trying to get in contact with you regarding licensing your ColorNote Notepad Notes on our tablet. We would like to offer your app to our users through a pre-loaded like experiance at the start-up of the device. Please email me at so I can let you know more. I apologize for having to contact you this way but I couldn’t find an email address.

  26. Hi.

    Great application and great release !

    What widget did you use to develop the swipe left\right in Android? I would be glad to know.

  27. Hello! =)
    I find this app great, just have to plan what color will be for what kind of note. =)

    And adding notes to the calendar was a great idea, as you may use it as a diary log or something. Or, even, checklists with what to buy for the next time you go to supermarket. XD

    So, I really liked it. I was wondering... do you plan on developing such app for desktop, too?


  28. Just found this app and it is very well constructed, thank you.
    I do have a future request.
    I think it would be great to also have it upload our notes to Google Docs or (insert option).

    Thank you

  29. Hi, I have set password for a note I created with colornote. NOw I forgot my password. How I can reset the password or recover the password?

  30. Is there any chance you will add text files support? I really like this app and it would be great to be able to edit files stored on SD card or in phone memory (actually I need to edit files in my dropbox account).

  31. Hello!
    I just found a bug (?): if you add a note by long pressing a date in calendar, it's created, but does not show in the "main" screen, among the other notes. Was it intentional? If not, can you implement it?

    Thanks a lot! \o/

  32. One thing missing from this great app is the ability to copy note into clipboard directly from notes list without having to go in and edit the note.

    i.e. would be great if I was able to long press on a note in the list and one of the menu options was "copy to clipboard"

    I know the default but limited notepad had this ability.

  33. Would it be possible to add every four weeks (every 28 days) to the repetition menu for the reminder? I have a pension that is paid every four weeks and would be like to be able to be reminded of the dates.

  34. Great app but will be great if we can import checklist from notes like we can export checklist to notes:


    [] Milk
    [] Bread

    to become a checklist

    Then we can send the list by Email
    paste the text to a note
    and recreate the Check list from the note

  35. I've used ColorNote for ages, ever since I got my Android phone - great app, many thanks!

    I had to reset my phone yesterday for an unrelated problem, and I'm trying to restore my notes from the auto backups (using p/w 0000). CN says everything works ok, but the notes are not restored correctly - only notes up to a date many months ago are restored.

    Also, if I modify a note, perform a manual backup, then restore that backup, my modifications are not saved. It's like CN is restoring a very very old version of my notes. Another possible hint to the cause of the issue is that the number beside the backup item reads '42', whereas there are only 26 items restored after the restore action completes.

    If you need more information or any thing, please contact me, I'd very much like to help with this issue (if it is indeed an issue).

    I'm on Android 2.3.3, CN 3.1.4, HTC Desire HD

  36. How does one contact the app developer for support?

  37. from my experience, you don't have a way to contact developer or get any questions answered. Great app when it works, but problems never addressed in ANY venue I can find. Many ask the same question- how to restore files!!

  38. I am unable to download the latest update. It just says "open" and "uninstall" instead of "update" on the Android Market.

  39. I seem to have forgotten the "sync" password associated with my email address. How can I reset it? Note: This is different from a "master" password. I have not created one of those.

  40. Please, how to change the password associated to the sync funcion? (not the master password)

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  42. I love COLORNOTES. Awhile back I backed up my old card and wiped out my phone. When I updated Color notes it was a new version. I have all of the dat files, I can send them to you. There are not very many files. However on one of those files is the combination to my bike lock. I would love to have that back can you please help me?

  43. I love ColorNote Notepad very much! I am currently using Version 3.6.7 on my Kindle Fire and would like to know how or why the SYNC doesn't work even though it says it DID sync. It definitely is NOT syncing with GOOGLE TASKS & I would like to know WHERE it's actually syncing to? Also I can't see to get the widgets to work either! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  44. AUTO-sort by Status, PLLLLEEEAASSSEE!!!! Many people have requested this fairly simple tweak.

  45. So happy the shop is open!! Got some lovely things that sound great-thanks so much!

  46. Something that I believe many people would appreciate is the ability to view/edit notes from a web page. Perhaps a web interface to the backed-up notes. This way one could edit notes from a desktop and they would sync to the phone or tablet.

  47. Colornote 3.9.11 on Android 4.2.1 Nexus 7

    I was editing an existing file/note when I was looking at a blank note, and all data was gone!

    Chances are that I had touched a wrong key, but I couldn't get anything back with ctrl/z. Perhaps a Confirm Delete would be good. I do have Auto Backup ticked but still cannot locate this file.

  48. I use this application of ColorNote.
    very easy edit & beautiful!
    I want to desktop version(window os)
    ColorNote saving description by edit android version
    and than may I open this file to window os?
    Please let me use ColorNote compatibility
    thank you!!!!

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