Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ColorDict Universal Dictionary supports Android Quick Search Box (QSB)

One of the great new features in the Android 1.6 release is Quick Search Box for Android.

And now, we proudly announce that ColorDict supports Quick Search Box.

The user can choose to enable particular suggestion sources from the system settings for search (by going to "Search" > "Searchable items" in settings).

Android Tips Video : Quick Search Box


  1. Excuse my, but I don't understand how to use XDXF dictionaries.
    1) I copied one XDXF dictionary to \sdcard\dictdata\ directory
    2) Then I start ColorDict, but it doesn't find any dictionaries =(((

    Could you tell my what I do wrong?

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  3. Cannot show some of the phonetic character (like the word "android"), would you please to fix it?

  4. I'm very impressed with Color Note. I have tried several of the products available on the market and this seems to be one of the best.

    Is there any thought to add a voice/sound recorded note or a hand-written note capability to your product? What about e-mail integration to allow a user to send a note via e-mail?


    Dave Hamu

  5. Scratch the previous comment. I found the features that I was asking about... You guys are one step ahead of me!

    One question: How do you post the sticky notes to your Home screen?

  6. ColorDict is a very helpful tool, which I often use as an English/French/Russian dictionary, however one thing is very annoying: when you type a word in French, it does not recognise and substitute characters without accent marks ("a" for "á", "e" for "é" etc. This is what all other dictionaries for desktops do and I wonder if there is a chance of seeing this feature in ColorDict?

  7. Hi there!

    For a long time I enjoyed a dictionary WordMate and did not know sorrow, because ColorDict at the time of Nexus One was coming out it didn't work properly. I have to use Russian-English, English-Russian, Chinese-Russian and Russian-Chinese dictionary. Maybe I would still continue enjoy WordMate, if one day I suddenly tired constantly switching between dictionaries when necessary to carry out a sequential searches on several dictionaries. And also mandatory process of changing the keyboards from the usual languages to Chinese and back, which on Android needs 4 steps - you know how much annoying routine actions are these.

    I decided to try again ColorDict in the hope that during this time, developers patched dictionary. In general, there it is, ColorDict consistently works with all dictionaries I needed, searching all downloaded dictionaries at once (including the Russian-Chinese), but the most important and I needed - Great Chinese-Russian dictionary (GCRD). When I add it in the filter (the third tab Dicts) cease to issue search options as you type, even the British or Russian words and trying to find a given word - ColorDict forcibly terminated. However, if I remove from the filter all other dictionaries and leave only the GCRD, it will work just fine, giving me a list of words related to the hieroglyph.

    In general, none of my tricks did not lead to ColorDict worked simultaneously in all dictionaries. Is there any solution of this problem or I should continue to commit up to 4 unnecessary actions, now unchecking the unnecessary dictionaries and putting them back when I do not need GCRD dictionary?

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  9. ColorDict is a fantastic android application. I like it very much!

    And I want to know how to launch ColorDict from my application so I can send word to be looked up in ColorDict. Can I do that and how? Please help, thanks!

    Julian (lniniaa@gamil.com)

  10. Is there a way to export or backup History or Starred words?

  11. Need more English-English dictionaries for my Colordict. Anybody know where to download more dictionaries? thanks.

  12. I love this app, and I commend you for it, but I think it lacks utility, you can search words within the texts already found, with the touch of a finger word. Do you have plans to do something like that?

  13. Hello,

    Congratulations for this great app and I would like to add my feedback, maybe it will give you some ideas. My biggest desire would be to have an option so that the word being searched is never automatically cleared (only with select all and backspace). A normal scenario for me is reading books with Moon+ Reader, and searching a word in the dictionary. The word is pasted, but in most cases I need to trim the endings or something because the search will only display "exact" matches. And when I'm doing this, the word dissapears leaving me in a sea of tears.

    Best regards,

  14. This is a well done app that I find very useful. I know I can share lists, but it would be awesome to be able to sync lists with someone else who has colornote. The same way, say, you can sync google calenders. My wife does the grocery shopping, as an example, and it would be great to have the lists synced. Thanks.

  15. Hi - thanks for ColorDict, it's working well for me. I would like to add my suggestion/feature request. I really need profiles (as are available in Fora Dictionary) so that I can group dictionaries. I have too many, and they have different purposes. I don't want to search them all every time. If this could be added, it would be great!

    I also agree with those (e.g. Andrei, above) who are suggesting that the search words aren't cleared so enthusiastically!

  16. hi there! i dl'd this app for the translation. i speak english & i'm learning lao & thai, lao primarily. anyway, thai words come up fine, but i can't get laos words to come up at all. it's REALLY hard to find a lao dictionary in america so i'm very excited about this application (if i can get it working).

    i tested very basic words like "hello" but got nothing.

    i saw this image on a site, so i know you have the word "love", but when i tested it, nothing came up.

    how can i know if my settings are correct? could you either message me or send me a tutorial?

  17. Hello, it's excelent, but i cann't see History and Dicts tags. I have a tablePC-Android2.1 and ColorDict 3.0.1
    If i can, can i sort resutls and on/off dicts? profile like Wilo said would be better.
    My regards.

  18. I would love to see Vietnamese added to the translate capability

  19. Hi it would be nice if this app could export search history to textfile. You know, adding the words I dont know to my vocabulary would be much easier ;) Wont waste my time by rewriting them anymore :)

  20. I can see myself using this dictionary 99.99% of the time.. If only there was an option to hide
    "Search/History/Dicts" tab, so as to spend less time scrolling on smaller displays.

  21. Hello,

    Could you please contact me by email regarding the customization and preinstallation of ColorDict

    a.levashev {at} prestigio.com

  22. Is there a user guide to colornotes anywhere? I have a doctorate level education and cannot figure out how to even begin using this program.

  23. When you can update the "History " It's too simply

  24. I'd like to report two bugs:
    1- If you rotate your phone while scrolling the data (so the gravity sensor triggers the rotation of the page) the screen frantically starts to blink.

    2- If you press the power button when browsing history (so the phone's display turns off), at return the history goes to the top of the page rather than the previous view.

  25. is possible to save the dictionaries on memory card ICS

  26. Hi, I'd like to download ita-eng, eng-ita and polski-eng and eng-polski :D will be possible?

  27. it`s so pity Colordict will be not updated for GB. There was the best dictionary((((

  28. I'm always used Colordict it's very good, but I'm having problema to install on MOTO G, I cannot find the folder \DictData. Please, help me!

    1. Colordict has now, to my mind, been completely superseded and replaced by Goldendict -- use that instead.

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